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Time to Heal

But seeing a ghost is less likely
when you have fresh death in your life
Because having someone you know
die is going from fat to thin
in a blink
it takes time to re-connect with the dead
and this will take time
because you will need time
to connect with the dead

Bough of a tree

The tree was blown over quickly
by comparison
to the effort of getting up that followed
the branches changed into arms
and tried hard to
get up from the fall
everyone who was watching
could believe their eyes
but only because it was happening
so slowly that they had
more than enough time
to forget about it
and get on with their
day to day

The arms tried to lift
the trunk
again and again
and each time was less
effective than the last
it was painful to watch
but as the pain was spread
thinly over a long period
of time
it did not feel as frustrating
as when something happens
in a lightning flash
as was the lightning
from the storm
that broke the tree


Photographs of fingers
wearing glove fingers only
like a woman with a bikini top
and no bottoms
hand selfie inside house
with window as a backdrop
like Francesca Woodman
but with a bikini top
and no bottoms
experiment with light
for visual impact
and dark
for psychological impact



You must keep quiet before the attack
Once you start and all system are turning
You have to continue
Even if you doubt the nature of your business
We hope for effective frenzy
Trapped wild experience
Resulting intimacy and immediacy
For later consumption and enjoyment
A record is inanimate
A dead thing
Which can bring dormant spirits back to life
We transport back in time
To the source of the recording
The stylus travels towards the core of the disc
And we hypnotised go with it
The hunt and capture
Of separation is one fold only
Commercial records are pressed
In large quantities and distance the artist
From the kill
If we are to eat meat
We should catch it ourselves