When I go to bed at night a horse puts its head through my window I think this is strange but I live with it because I am young and don't know what's normal in this world


I put my hands on my hips he enters the bedroom You have started without me yes yes I say I plunge my hands through my fleshy sides ah I say He plunges his fist through my belly and performs a link by penetrating my back with his other ah ah I say yes yes he says Inside of me now we smooth out a child and call it Vincent

Lump in throat... Cry

I can't imagine what my life would be without you but I wait and try and if I imagine really hard I can. Its this and I am here and I still live because I didn't change that I didn't even think of that really properly but you are not here and its been a while and now and again I think its been a while Since you've been gone Cry

Who goes to the drive in in Britain anyway?

We are the police we drive around at night we watch for lawless action and we go to the drive in MacDonald's and look superfine in our uniforms or so we think


I have two boys its what I wanted I don't have time for shopping any way I buy online As Westfield gives me panic attacks and I don't want to spend my time in Marks and Spencers because that would be a waste of time wouldn't it a girl might want to shop I don't do that any more no sir-ey put that in your hand bag and smoke it like a girl

Not just the Great Wave

Its like nothing ever happens but I always stay the same. That man has a big head, no you argue he has a little body. When Hokusia painted mount Fuji he didn't paint it once, he painted it 130 times from different angles and this it what its like, nothing and the same from 130 different angles

Time to Heal

But seeing a ghost is less likely when you have fresh death in your life Because having someone you know die is going from fat to thin in a blink it takes time to re-connect with the dead and this will take time because you will need time to connect with the dead